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Pope Fires Leadership of Catholic Charity

by | Fri, Dec 2 2022

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Pope Francis has fired the leaders of one of the Catholic Church’s largest charities, citing concerns about their management style.

The pontiff effectively dismissed the entire leadership of Caritas Internationalis.

He’s appointed a commissioner to run the organisation, saying it needed to revise its charter before elections for new leaders next year.

Worthy News reports Caritas is a hub for 162 charities aimed at serving the poor and most vulnerable in 200 countries — including persecuted Christians.

An independent review found no evidence of financial mismanagement or sexual impropriety, but revealed other “management deficiencies that seriously undermined team-spirit and staff morale.”

A clearly unhappy Pope Francis sacked the two main leaders, while the rest of the leadership and the board resigned.

The pontiff’s actions are seen as unprecedented and come as he pledged to reform the leadership of a Church that he says needs to open up for the most vulnerable of society.

Caritas Australia says its development and humanitarian work will not be impacted by the move.