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Pride Games ‘Taunt’ Christian University

by | Mon, Sep 26 2022

The onslaught against Christian morality continues in US universities.

The University of Massachusetts is planning to hold an LGBT ‘Pride Day’ on the same day its football team takes on the Christian Liberty University Flames.

The announcement has generated a mixed reaction on social media with many posts implying it was in bad taste to ‘taunt’ players for their beliefs.

“Wow, how hateful and intolerant,” one user commented.

Another asked: “Would @UMassFootball attack the Muslim faith like this? Probably not. Their virtue signaling wouldn’t allow it.”

One user who claimed he lived near Liberty University in Virginia said he saw no hate against LGBT people from its students.

“I live near LU. When LGBT activists hold protests around the school, students bake them cookies and give them bottled water. There’s no hate on the part of LU. But I’m guessing a lot of hate will be thrown at LU when they play UMass. We’ll see who the real bigots are.”

Liberty which started as a Baptist college under founder Jerry Falwell in 1971, is a conservative, evangelical university.

It’s one of the largest private, non-profit universities in the nation, and the largest university in Virginia.

It has an enrollment exceeding 130,000, including 40,000 military students and more than 700 international students.

Liberty students volunteer more than half a million hours per year.

It will not be the first time a Pride game has been scheduled for a sports clash against Liberty players.

Chicago’s Northwestern University did that for a field hockey match earlier this month.

Charisma News writes: “It is not enough for the LGBT activists to force their lifestyle on the world for the entire month of June. No, they want to drive their sexual orientations down people’s throats year-round now.”

The Christian website notes: “What is particularly disturbing is the intent to make others who hold religious objections participate in these celebrations.”

“With two ‘pride games’ scheduled against Liberty University in the same semester, this type of behaviour and harassment will only continue instead of fade away,” it adds.