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Anti-Semitism Exposed In US Universities

by | Fri, Oct 20 2023

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An article by CBN News which is part of the Christian Broadcasting Network details how the American reaction to the Hamas atrocities in Israel has exposed the extent of anti-Semitism on the campuses of US colleges and universities.

It writes that after the Hamas mass killings and kidnapping of around 200 hostages with victims including 45 Americans and nationals from 33 other nations, “students at the University of Wisconsin chanted: Glory to the Martyrs; Cornell University Professor Russell Rickford called the killings exhilarating and energizing; and an instructor at Stanford University was suspended for allegedly making Jewish students stand at the back of the class while publicly referring to them as colonisers.”

Critics of such behaviour called it a direct result of the Boycott, Divestments, and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel “which has been allowed to flourish on campuses nationwide, and uses the chant From the River to the Sea in protests, calling for the destruction of Israel.” After the October 7 attacks, the BDS movement’s website posted and later deleted that it supported “the slaughter of Israelis” by Hamas, calling it “heroic” and “justified.”

A major campus group behind the BDS movement is Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP). After the Hamas attack, Boston University’s SJP chapter posted that “Victory is ours.” CBN News writes: “Many colleges and universities have allowed and even promoted pro-Hamas, anti-Jewish rhetoric for decades. The attack on Israel has shown just where that policy has led.”

Dr. Zachary Marschall, editor-in-chief at conservative news website Campus Reform which focuses on higher education, declared: “This week on college campuses is a culmination of two generations of activist scholars using college classrooms to create indoctrination camps where they use leftist ideology and anti-Israel critiques to perpetuate anti-Semitism.”

Dexter Van Zile, managing editor at Focus On Western Islamism opined: “Not only is it a moral failing and an intellectual failing and just a scandal, but it’s a strategic threat to the American Republic to allow this to continue. It’s terrifying and sad that it took the deaths of over a thousand Jews in Israel to direct people to the totalitarian forces that are now running amok on college campuses in the United States. But that’s what it took.”

The actions of students could cost some prestigious universities dearly. More than 30 students groups at Harvard University released a statement holding Israel “entirely responsible for all unfolding violence.” News watchdog Accuracy in Media arranged for a billboard truck to drive around its campus showing the faces of students associated with the anti-Israeli groups, labelling them “Harvard’s leading anti-Semites.” Some students had job offers rescinded. One of Harvard’s biggest donors, the Wexner Foundation, cut all ties with the university.

“We are stunned and sickened by the dismal failure of Harvard’s leadership to take a clear and unequivocal stand against the barbaric murders of innocent Israeli civilians. Harvard’s leaders were indeed tiptoeing, equivocating, and we cannot fathom the administration’s failure to disassociate the university and condemn the statement by 34 student groups holding Israel entirely responsible for the violent terror attack on its own citizens,” the Wexner Foundation wrote in a letter to the Harvard board of overseers. The Harvard president belatedly condemned the “terrorist atrocities perpetrated by Hamas.

Dr. Donald Sweeting, chancellor of Colorado Christian University (CCU) told CBN Digital: “We’re seeing this in university campuses around the country. There’s this celebration of Hamas on the one hand, and then the administrators are quiet about it. The university presidents generally aren’t speaking out about it. And this, to me, it’s unconscionable, but it also reveals that we’ve been teaching stuff and promoting things in the universities that are bearing a bitter fruit.”

Dr. Sweeting decried what he said is a shift from secular liberalism to a “neo-Marxist worldview” on many campuses — one that divides the globe into the oppressed and the oppressor. “It’s a worldview that clumps Israel and Judeo-Christian tradition in with the negative and groups like Palestine and Hamas into the other more favoured camp,” he said, adding that it’s “a particularly troubling dynamic because it’s an inversion of the reality happening on the ground. Hamas is calling for a global jihad for the obliteration of Israel.”

The CCU chancellor stressed his institution supported Israel, adding: “I think evangelical universities have a general predisposition of saying, ‘Look, we believe the Bible and Israel’s important to us. The Jews are the relatives of the Lord Jesus Christ.’” Dr. Sweeting encouraged parents to teach their kids the Bible– something they’re not getting in many schools today. “There’s good, there’s evil. You gotta take evil seriously. Ideas have consequences,” he asserted.

Photo: Catherine D. Miller / – University of Michigan, October 15