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Pro-Lifers Sponsor Billboards Across US Promoting Chastity

by | Wed, Jan 25 2023

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A coalition of American pro-life organisations is sponsoring billboards across the US that promote chastity.

It’s in response to California Governor Gavin Newsom’s advertising effort to promote his state as an ‘abortion sanctuary’ during the November midterm elections.

His campaign put up billboards in states that have banned or severely restricted abortions.

The Coalition for an Abortion-Free Future is posting its billboards in exactly the same locations as Governor Newsom’s.

Some of them read: Save sex for marriage. Plan your future. Not your abortion.

The billboards also include statistics that over 85% of US abortions are performed on unmarried women.

The Christian Post notes that one of Governor Newsom’s billboards included a Bible verse about ‘Loving Your Neighbour’ taken out of context.