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Religious Freedom Bill Delayed In The Senate

by | Thu, Feb 10 2022

The Morrison government’s contentious religious discrimination changes are highly unlikely to be debated in the Senate before the Federal election.

Debate on the package was expected to be held on Thursday after it passed the lower house in a marathon debate on the issue that finished just before 5am.

But a motion required to give approval for the bills to be debated so soon after they were introduced for consideration failed to go through the Senate on Thursday.

The bill has now been dropped from further debate after the government received fresh legal advice.

Liberal and Labor MP’s have expressed their concern with aspects of the legislation.

The Australian Christian Lobby has also withdrawn its support for the bill after protections for faith based schools were removed from the Sex Discrimination Act.

The ACL’s Wendy Francis told Vision Radio that: “taking away protections for Christian schools is too high a price to pay.”

With the senate not to due to sit next week, the next time the legislation can be discussed is the end of March.