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Revival On Indian Reservation

by | Sat, Feb 12 2022

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Two Native American pastors say they’re experiencing a revival on their Montana Reservation.

Russell and Donna Stands-Over-Bull have been running the Arrow Creek TV e-Church for the past four years and say it’s already the biggest church in the American Indian community.

They told CBN News they can feel and sense the rumblings of revival in their online church meetings as they witness God healing people through social media.

The Pentecostal roots of revival run deep in their Crow Nation.

Pastor Russell’s great grandmother attended the Azusa Street Revival in California in 1906 and brought the Holy Spirit to the Crow Reservation.

Many still regard it as the capital of Pentecost in Indian country.

Like other First Nations tribes, the Crow suffer greatly from drug abuse, covid deaths and women being murdered or going missing.

Now as many are being healed, Pastor Russell says the challenge is to teach believers to sustain the current revival through prayer and fasting.