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‘Rising Star’ Christian Senator Responds To President’s Address

by | Sun, Mar 10 2024

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Alabama Senator Katie Britt was a relatively unknown lawmaker until the devout Christian delivered the Republican Party’s rebuttal to President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address, unusually from her own kitchen, last week.

The location was clearly trying to make a connection with ordinary American families. “Right now, the American dream has turned into a nightmare for so many families. The true, unvarnished state of our union begins and ends with this — our families are hurting, our country can do better,” Senator Britt declared.

“Right now, our commander-in-chief is not in command. The free world deserves better than a dithering and diminished leader. America deserves leaders who recognise that secure borders, stable prices, safe streets and a strong defence are actually the cornerstones of a great nation.”

The youngest Republican woman ever elected to the US Senate has documented her faith-filled journey in a new book that reveals the role God played in her move from Alabama to the US Congress.

It’s titled God Called Us To Do Hard Things: Lessons From The Alabama Wiregrass. The publicity blurb describes it as the story of: “How a determined young woman decided to enter the arena and make her mark. At a moment when politics feels so toxic and broken, Katie Britt proves that there’s still a way to listen to your heart, serve and inspire.”

“She shares some candid advice for how to overcome personal challenges, appreciate blessed moments, make our lives more fulfilling, and keep an unshakeable faith in God, family and our country.”

Even though she’s 42, she looks younger and police on Capitol Hill who don’t realise she’s a lawmaker still ask for her ID multiple times a week. Her husband Wesley was an NFL player for the New England Patriots before the couple moved back to Alabama where a massive tornado claimed scores of lives and destroyed their home in 2011.

The Senator told CBN News she realised God had saved her family and helped them recover from the disaster. She also felt Him calling her to a higher office to help her country. She worked her way through the political ranks and began serving as Alabama’s first female Senator just over a year ago

GOP leaders have touted her as a leading voice in a new generation of Republican lawmakers in an attempt to draw a distinction between her and Joe Biden, the oldest US president at 81. Alyssa Farah Griffin, a former White House communications director during the Trump administration who is now a political commentator, called Katie Britt “a rising star” and praised the substance of the remarks in her party rebuttal.

Her speech won the approval of Donald Trump. “She was compassionate and caring, especially concerning Women and Women’s Issues. Her conversation on Migrant Crime was powerful and insightful. Great job Katie!” he wrote on Truth Social, his own social media platform.

As for being a contender as the Republicans’ vice presidential candidate, Senator Britt and the former president are not natural allies with the BBC describing her political views as “more temperate” than Mr. Trump’s. It noted she has  criticised – obliquely – Mr. Trump’s penchant for personalised attacks on his political opponents.

Photo: Facebook Screenshot – Senator Katie Boyd Britt