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Russia Denies Responsibility for Global Food Crisis

by | Mon, Jul 25 2022

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Russia’s Foreign Minster Sergei Lavrov claims his nation isn’t to blame for a global food crisis.

Ukraine and Russia last week signed an agreement brokered by The United Nations and Turkey, to resume grain shipments.

However, doubts were cast hours later when Russia undertook a missile strike on Ukraine’s port of Odesa – the very port agreed upon to allow the resumption of grain exports.

Odesa’s governor confirmed a number of injuries.

Sergei Lavrov insists, Western nations are responsible for the crisis.

“The Ukrainian authorities, starting from the President, down to his numerous countless advisors, repeatedly say that there will be no talks until Ukraine defeats Russia on the battlefield,” said Lavrov.

“In this, the Ukrainians are being actively encouraged by their Western handlers.”

Ukraine exports millions of tonnes of grain to global markets, and if Russia continues to restrict access to ports, the world food crisis is expected to deepen.