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Salvations Inside Muslim Nation’s Jail

by | Tue, Dec 5 2023

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A visit by a Christian Aid Mission (CAM) team to a crowded prison in the predominantly Muslim African nation of Mali has led to an amazing transformation. After a short presentation of the Gospel, murderers and other hardened criminals pleaded for prayer with many giving their hearts to the Lord.

Lyndsey Koh of Mission Network News reports that guards called them into a courtyard and told them that Christians had come from hundreds of kilometres away to give them advice, and to please listen to them.

“The hardened faces softened as a CAM missionary spoke of disobedience, sin and salvation. The Christian worker knew this might be the only chance the criminals from different tribes had of hearing the gospel. Within minutes, a voice cried out: I am guilty – this man is telling the truth. God help me.

“You could see each of them whispering similar things to themselves; others had reddened eyes and tears as the power of God came over them,” the mission leader recalled.

“It was if a light had just burst forth in the midst of darkness, we saw some faces unravelling – certainly the power of God was there. It was as if a heavy burden had just been unloaded from each shoulder, because joy was on everyone’s lips,” he added.

Lyndsey Koh writes: “As a spirit of repentance dissolved the prior atmosphere of misery, a prison officer also confessed to the inmates: This word concerns me – I am guilty towards God. May God help me. The leader witnessed tears rolling down the cheeks of many as the officer and inmates pleaded for the Christian workers to pray for them.”

“Listening to such words, one was reassured that the Holy Spirit had just completed His work of salvation perfectly in every life standing before us,” the team leader said.

The workers gave Bibles to each inmate. The next day they called the prison warden. “When he picked up the phone, he screamed for joy. He told us that the atmosphere had been completely transformed – peace, happiness and joy now reign supreme in the prison. He said fights, tantrums, violence, insults, nastiness had completely disappeared,” the mission leader rejoiced.

The warden said some prisoners were engaged in discussing the previous day’s message, while others were reading their Bibles.

Photo: Christian Aid Mission