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School Counsellor Fired For Leaking Plan To Hide Gender Identities From Parents

by | Fri, Mar 17 2023

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A guidance counselor at an American high school has been fired for allegedly leaking details about its secret plans.

The leaked documents revealed guidelines to hide students’ gender identities from parents.

Kathy McCord who had worked for the Indiana school for 25 years, was also accused of making false statements about the policy.

A writer for the The Daily Signal which published the documents challenged the school board’s claims they were not genuine at a board meeting.

The board ordered police to remove him from the meeting.

One document advised teachers not to inform a particular student’s parents.

It claimed they were “not supportive” of their child’s change in gender identity.

CBN News reports Ms. McCord confirmed to The Daily Signal that dozens of similar Gender Support Plans had been sent to teachers.

She said counseling staff had been told they had been approved by the board.

Most medical and counseling forms and policies are posted on the school’s website, but not the Gender Support Plan.

The board claimed it was not technically secret because parents can request a copy of the plan.

The Daily Signal reported that no state or federal law or ruling appears to give a public school the ability to implement any kind of medical or social-emotional learning plan without informing the parent or custodial guardian of the child in question.

School community members have been divided over Ms. McCord’s alleged actions.

One said: “Her record is completely spotless. She has helped more students and students have come here to speak up for her. She told the truth and she should not be fired.”

The counsellor is reportedly considering legal action.