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Christian Schools President Gets Death Threats Over Gender Policy

by | Sat, Aug 12 2023

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A California schools leader has received death threats because her board agreed to advise parents if their child showed any signs of gender dysphoria, in defiance of the head of all the state’s schools who preferred to keep parents in the dark.

Sonja Shaw was targeted after the Chino Valley Unified School District board on the eastern outskirts of Los Angeles adopted a new policy to inform parents of any concerns within three days. As board president, the Christian mother of two received phone and email death threats against herself and her family. The extreme left-wing group Antifa which she labels a ‘terrorist organisation’ posted her address online. “No justice, no peace, we know where you sleep” one threat read next to a photo of her home. She said even making normal trips to the grocery store has become difficult.

CBN News reports that Ms. Shaw had ordered the eviction of the California State Superintendent of Instruction Tony Thurmond from the meeting to vote on the policy after he warned it could breach privacy and safety laws. Ms Shaw told him he was part of the problem that forced the need for the policy in the first place.

At least two other members of the board have also received menacing messages. Sonja Shaw says the rancour and ugliness of the reaction to the policy “proves who’s after the children. Because to inform the parents and [for] them to go that wild should prove that those are the same people that want control of the kids.”

She accuses education-related unions of being a major force behind the opposition to informing parents about children’s gender identity. “It’s this new wave of whatever they want to call themselves, educators or whatever they are, that are coming in because you have so many amazing teachers that don’t want this. The opponents don’t want that relationship with the parents,” she contended. The board president believes her local teacher’s union branch is sending legal threatening letters to her district in an attempt to reverse the parental notification policy.

Ms. Shaw revealed she has been overwhelmed by support as well as hate. “I had people reach out to me from almost every state in the USA, just giving me support, encouragement, wanting to even purchase security items for my home. But on the opposite end, you know, I got some heat, too. There is a lot of name-calling, nasty things I would never wish upon anybody – and then, of course, the death threats on me and my family and my animals,” she said. A 52-year-old San Francisco woman has been arrested for threatening board members as police try to locate other suspects.

“It’s so weird we’re even in this place. Where is the morality and the moral values in our country that these people are going this wild? It’s not like anybody is stopping anybody from doing anything in their lifestyle. All we’re saying is a parent needs to be notified because we have incidents where teachers have inappropriate conversations [with students]. There is a lot of sexual abuse with teachers recently. I mean, we see it all over the place. We have our own Department of Education that instead of focusing on making sure our kids are raising their test scores, especially after the COVID shutdown, their passion is on social justice and sexualisation,” Ms Shaw observed, adding: “We’re in a dangerous place as a society.”

She told The Christian Post she’s relying on her faith to navigate the chaos, saying she has “drawn closer and closer to God” and is looking to Him for protection.”The battle over parental control of schools is more than just a political battle. This is a moral thing. And if you are a believer, this is a spiritual battle. You know that when people are saying they’re going to kill you, and they’re after the kids, that is an evil, demonic, spiritual battle,” she asserted.

“People from all over the nation have called, emailed, and continue to write letters of support and saying this gave them hope. A few years ago, when I joined this journey, God kept showing me hope [in] Jeremiah 29:11. That verse reads: ‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord. ‘Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future,’” she acclaimed.