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School Snowboarding Coach Sacked

by | Sat, Sep 2 2023

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A Christian high school coach in the US state of Vermont has sued the school after he was fired over private comments he shared with students. Snowboarding coach David Bloch told them he didn’t believe biological boys should be allowed to participate in girls’ sports.

His team was about to compete against a transgender student from another school at the time. The devout Catholic said it was a brief, respectful conversation. But he was sacked following a complaint after several students heard the conversation. The school considered his comments were harassment, even though the male student wasn’t present.

The Christian Post reports the coach then sued the school.

According to the lawsuit, Mr. Bloch respectfully presented his view that “as a matter of biology, males and females have different DNA” and that “biological differences generally give males competitive advantages in athletic events.”

“Coach Bloch’s team and the team with the male who identifies as a female competed without incident. After the competition, the two teams and their coaches shared a bus home,” the complaint continued.

His lawyers from Alliance Defending Freedom argue that what he said was “completely true and consistent with science, and protected under the First Amendment.” Legal Counsel Mathew Hoffmann asserted: “Public schools can’t fire employees for respectful speech on a matter of public concern.”

Mr. Bloch was the founder of the school snowboarding team and initially offered his coaching services on a voluntary basis until taking a role as a part-time employee.

“For more than a decade, Dave has led the snowboarding program to enormous success in terms of both athletic accomplishment and personal growth of the snowboarders. But for merely expressing his views that males and females are biologically different and questioning the appropriateness of a teenage male competing against teenage females in an athletic competition, school district officials unconstitutionally fired him,” Mr. Hoffman stated.

Vermont school sports participation is based on preferred gender identity rather than biology.