School Was Wrong To Vilify Pastor

Tony Davenport |
Wednesday, May 11th, 2022

An English pastor who claims he was forced out of his job as a school caretaker because of his Christian beliefs has been officially exonerated.

Three years ago Pastor Keith Walters claimed in a tweet that a Gay Pride rally was ‘harmful’ to children.

He was accused of homophobia and some parents at his school complained.

In turn, he accused school chiefs of religious discrimination and constructive dismissal and took legal action.

An employment tribunal judge ruled Mr Waters was free to voice his beliefs on human identity on social media.

Premier Christian News reports she also found pastors should be able to express their faith online without fear of losing their jobs.

Mr Waters said the school treated him in a heartless and hostile way.

He hailed the ruling as a victory for Evangelical Leaders across the country.

He wrote in Christian Today that he was shocked by the profound illiteracy in his case when it came to understanding the basic tenets of the Christian faith.

Mr Waters found the school’s leaders unable to articulate what mainstream Christians believe and widespread ignorance in the media, education and legal systems about the Christian faith.

The pastor also discovered many believers were afraid to speak out in support of him and in support of their faith.

They feared offending others by proclaiming Biblical truths.

Mr Waters urges Christians to keep sharing the Gospel with courage and God will be with them, just as He was during his own ordeal.



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