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Signs Of Revival At Florida University

by | Wed, Feb 21 2024

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Florida State University (FSU) is the latest tertiary institution to experience an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the United States. Christian author Jennie Allen reports witnessing revival-like scenes as thousands of college students attended a free worship event called Unite FSU where she was a guest speaker..

“It’s happening again! FSU Baptisms! Hundreds, maybe a thousand students came forward to trust Jesus. We can’t explain what’s happening apart from the Spirit,” Ms. Allen posted on social media.

“4,500 Florida State University (one of the biggest party schools in the nation) students confessed struggles and sin tonight. Hundreds came forward to trust Christ. And this is them singing and dancing as they head to spontaneous baptisms,” she wrote in text over a video of the students.

Along with the video clip, she explained: “God keeps doing it!! They confessed their sin. They came forward in droves tonight to trust Jesus. We baptised hundreds in a fountain usually used for partying. And it’s all just the beginning. It literally is everywhere I go right now. Revival is here. And there is no explaining it – when it’s God!”

CBN News quoted one parent as saying: “My daughter is there! She says it’s been incredible. They are hungry. And not in just a swept up in the moment way.” Another parent wrote: “My daughter was one of the students who was baptised in the fountain that night after the conference!  Praise God!!!”

All those who were baptised were put in contact with local churches to help them start living out their new-found faith. That prompted one of the students who was saved to write: “One thing I thought was BEAUTIFUL about Unite was the emphasis on FINDING A CHURCH HOME! They had tables outside with college groups from many local churches and asked everyone to fill out information to get connected! We want these souls on fire to get plugged in.”

Unite is a movement of college students united to lift the name of Jesus, according to the organisation’s website. It is just over a year since the revival experience at Kentucky’s Asbury University sparked a series of similar events on college campuses across the US over the past 12 months.