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Still Farming At 105 “Thanks To God”

by | Tue, Aug 30 2022

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A farmer in the US State of Minnesota is still working at the age of 105.

Earl Mallinger says the secret to his long career is hard work, being careful with money and putting God first.

He has been farming since he left school in grade-8 — growing mostly wheat, sugar beets and soy beans.

Earl believes the fresh air and exercise keeps him active, although he now avoids the hard physical jobs.

He adds it’s important to keep moving, because once you stop, you go downhill fast.

He says he likes to see what God does in his fields because a farmer needs a lot of faith to get a big crop from tiny seeds.

He told AgWeek that farmers need to stay humble and keep God at the centre of their lives because He is in control.

Earl has outlived two wives and is blessed with 60 grandchildren and great grandchildren.