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Support For Victorian Liberal MP Facing Expulsion From The Party

by | Wed, Mar 22 2023

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Aspiring Christian politician Lyle Shelton has come to the defence of recently elected Victorian Liberal MP Moira Deeming.

State party leader John Pesutto is seeking to expel her from the parliamentary party room on Monday (March 27) for organising, promoting and attending a Let Women Speak rally in Melbourne that was gatecrashed by neo-Nazis dressed in black giving the Nazi salute.

Ms. Deeming the MP for the Western Metropolitan Region has vowed to fight what she calls the ‘unjust’ push to oust her.

The Liberal party room rejected a motion to delay the meeting to expel her by 18 votes to 11.

Lyle Shelton who’s an independent candidate for the NSW Upper House in this weekend’s state election is supporting Moira Deeming.

He told Vision Radio: “She’s a Christian. She is someone who has been a fearless advocate for the pro-life, pro-family cause and more recently she’s been one who, along with many of us, has been standing up against this radical gender fluid ideology and seeking to protect women and girls from the encroachment of biological males into their sport, into their private spaces, such as toilets and showers and changerooms.”

“[The neo-Nazis] had nothing to do with the women who were running the Let Women Speak tour. But of course that’s been conflated by Premier Daniel Andrews and John Pesutto who are now trying to say that Moira and the Let Women Speak event organisers were part of some Nazi conspiracy. It’s just farcical, it’s ridiculous. It’s actually quite pernicious,” Mr. Shelton asserted.

“This is fake news. I’m very disturbed about this. I saw this with the bombing of my office when I was with ACL (Australian Christian Lobby) back in 2016, the cover-up, the things that start to happen. Look, I don’t believe in conspiracy theories. I don’t like to go down rabbit holes. But what we’re seeing here is just lies being told to smear people’s good reputation. And that’s what’s happening to Moira.”

“The neo-Nazis gatecrashed the protest. The police seemingly let them through their cordon and then escorted them out. There’s something very strange about what happened there. And I think that Victoria Police have to answer the questions.”

“It’s almost like someone wanted this Nazi thing to happen so it could distract from the real message that Moira … and others were seeking to shine a light on, which is the fact that women are being attacked by these so-called trans activists,” Mr. Shelton observed.

Other conservative MPs in state and federal spheres have also come to Ms. Deeming’s defence.

John Ferguson writes in The Australian that Moira Deeming “has every right to speak freely and openly about her views on transgender issues, not the least because they are matters worthy of public debate.”

But he adds that she “failed several key tests of judgment, the most serious being her failure to immediately and loudly repudiate the presence of the neo-Nazis that protested near her group.”

“No matter what Deeming says in protest, her weekend activism was defined by the presence of the neo-Nazis.”