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Taking The Gospel Into The Heart Of Darkness

by | Fri, Dec 30 2022

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A Brazilian missionary has taken the Gospel to cannibal tribes in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Pastor Oseias Cardoso was warned he’d be killed before he could even speak to them.

But he knew God had sent him and in 2010 he took the risk and ventured into the second biggest jungle in the world.

The first pygmy tribe he encountered greeted him brandishing spears and in attire they normally wear when killing people.

But miraculously they allowed Pastor Cardoso to speak to them.

Charisma News reports it was the launch of his ministry work with tribes who engaged in witchcraft and human sacrifice.

He’s since preached to more than 50 similar tribes across central Africa.

His message also reached the nation’s rulers who while initially suspicious of his activities, were so impressed by his relationship with the tribes they granted the Brazilian DRC citizenship.

The pastor came under constant attack from spiritual powers and principalities.

He had to battle witchcraft which decided whether people lived or died.

He told how he saw witches appear and disappear in rooms and how he often had to fight for his life all night in prayer.

Pastor Cardoso noted that although the spiritual darkness within the tribes is almost unspeakable it is no match for the supernatural power and protection of God.

For more than a decade he and his missionary teams have planted churches, built schools and hospitals and shared the Gospel far and wide.

His story has been told in Charisma News and in podcasts by Dr. Ryan S Howard, founder of Your Faith At Work, a ministry and business that helps Christians partner with God to advance the Kingdom.