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Texting Farmer Inspires Many

by | Tue, Aug 22 2023

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Twelve years ago, Sugar Cane Farmer Ross Gambino decided he wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. His chosen method: text messaging. Fast forward to the present, and Ross’s messages are now being read by more than 250 people every day.

Ross has since retired from farming, but not from his commitment to encouraging others. His text messages are received by both Christians and non-Christians alike. In an era where life is defined by busyness, Ross’s story stands as a testament to setting aside his own interests and focussing on the well-being of others.

Ross recently joined us on 20Twenty to discuss how his journey progressed from initially sending encouraging texts to his nephew, to eventually reaching a point where he personally messages hundreds of people every day.

Connection and Blessing

‘I would send my nephew a random message once or twice a week,’ says Ross. ‘Then eventually what happened was he started to share it with a couple of friends. They wanted to be put on the list, and I loved doing it. I started to write more frequently and now I do it five days a week, and I really enjoy it.’

Located in the Burdekin region of far north Queensland, Ross’s world was dominated by agriculture and business. Yet rather than becoming absorbed solely in farming, Ross made it a priority to set aside time to connect with and bless others.

‘I have a routine that I have been following for years,’ says Ross. ‘I get up early in the morning, go to the gym and then I come home and read my Bible. I do a bit of a study and I have other books that I read sections of each day as well, but they’re always books or authors that have a faith in God themselves.’

A Message That Resonates

After that, Ross writes his text message. ‘I always tell people that the message speaks to me first. It always resonates with me and with my heart.’

‘I believe it’s something that God has just given me,’ says Ross. ‘This gift and the desire to write and encourage other people.’

Listen to Ross’s full interview on 20Twenty below: