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Salvations At Queen’s Funeral

by | Mon, Oct 3 2022

Some of the millions of people who turned out to watch the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II in the parks and streets of London have since become followers of Christ.

That’s according to chaplains from the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team who were in the UK capital for the ceremonial event.

They shared the Gospel with mourners watching the ceremony in Hyde Park and around Windsor Castle.

The chaplains said many of the spectators left changed forever after surrendering to the same God the Queen had served.

They spoke of a Dutch woman who revealed her life was a mess, but felt wonderful after giving her life to Jesus.

They also witnessed the salvations of elderly people reflecting on the end of their lives, and Muslims keen to hear the Gospel.

The chaplains urged all Christians to pray that those who made commitments to Christ would find a Bible-believing church where they could grow in their faith.