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Thousands Of Israelis Mourn Terror Victim

by | Tue, Oct 17 2023

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Thousands of strangers have turned out at a funeral near Tel Aviv to celebrate the tragically shortened life of a 24-year-old Brazilian-Israeli woman who was murdered by Hamas.

Bruna Valeanu was among 260 victims killed at the Supernova music festival at Re’im which is adjacent to Gaza, during the October 7 terror attacks.

Earlier on that day, she contacted her mother and sister to tell them she was surrounded by wounded people amid gunfire. “The last thing we got was her location via text. It was a dangerous location where terrorists came armed in trucks, tanks, and motorcycles. She said she heard a lot of gunshots and had a lot of people injured. And she was in the middle of the woods, but it was a place that was kind of fenced in,” her sister, Nathalia Valeanu, told the Jerusalem Post. 

That was the last time anyone heard from the communications student at Tel Aviv University who had reportedly served as a shooting instructor in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

Bruna moved to Israel from Brazil with her mother and sister who didn’t know enough people to hold a Jewish religious service known as a minyan for their loved one. At least 10 people were needed to attend for the funeral to take place.

CBN News reports that with the help of volunteers they put out an SOS on social media appealing for help.

The post read: Unfortunately, Bruna Valeanu was murdered at a party in Re’im. She is an immigrant from Brazil, only her mother and sister live in Israel, and need help completing the minyan for the funeral that will take place tonight. Please, those who can – let them come,” the post stated.

But way more than 10 people showed up. An estimated 10,000 people packed out the Petah Tikva cemetery to pay their last respects to Bruna and share in her family’s grief.

“My friend and I went after they wrote that there would be no minyan,” said Orit who was one of the thousands who responded to the post. She the Jerusalem Post: “During the trip, Waze [satellite navigation app] added more and more travel time even though the road was open, and we didn’t understand why. Towards the cemetery, there was a very big traffic jam and we thought there might be a lot of funerals, we didn’t realise that they were all coming for Bruna.”

“People just parked on both sides of the road. They turned the road into a parking lot, and people parked on two lanes out of four for hundreds of metres. We walked until the police stopped us and didn’t let people in anymore, they didn’t want there to be too much of a mass event. They said it was dangerous to gather like that.”

“Despite the fact that we were not able to attend the funeral itself, it was one of the most uplifting events. We thought we would be a handful of people and it was just exciting. It’s amazing to see how much people care and they don’t just sit at home, even people who didn’t know her. I’m sure it strengthened the family a lot and people should hear it in addition to all the difficult things they hear all day,” Orit rejoiced.

People also flooded Bruna’s social media pages to share their condolences.

Brazil’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated: “The Brazilian government regrets and expresses its deep regret over the death of Brazilian citizen Bruna Valeanu. In solidarity with Bruna’s family and friends, the Brazilian government reiterates its total repudiation of all acts of violence against the civilian population.”