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Tornado Wrecks Church, Not Cross

by | Sat, Apr 30 2022

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A Texas pastor is amazed that a large wooden cross remained standing after a powerful tornado destroyed the rest of his church.

Pastor Donnie Jackson wept as he inspected the ruins in the region where he grew up and received Jesus as his Saviour.

He told local media: “Sometimes you question why things like this happen. But we know that all things work together for good.”

The pastor believes the survival of the cross is a positive sign.

So does Texas Governor Greg Abbott who also inspected the destruction.

He believes it’s still standing because the church is not just a building, but the worshippers brought together by God.

They celebrated Easter Sunday with a service on the concrete slab and next to the cross.

Members prayed for the resurrection of their building.

Pastor Jackson told CBN News God will help rebuild it even stronger than before.