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Transforming Jerusalem Into Silicon Valley

by | Wed, Nov 23 2022

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Jerusalem may be the centre of the world’s three big monotheistic religions but there are also plans to transform it into Israel’s Silicon valley.

Israel is already a technology powerhouse ranked 15th on the Global Innovation Index.

It’s renowned for its advances in nanotech and technological education.

The nation’s tech innovation industry employs 10% of the population and produces more than half of Israel’s exports.

A major technology precinct to be named Silicon Wadi  is slated for Palestinian majority East Jerusalem where the tech expansion will be focused.

Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem Fleur Hassan-Nahoum wants her city to be the capital of what’s being labelled the ‘Start-Up’ nation.

“I was part of a founding team of people who set up a non-profit whose only purpose was to advance Jerusalem as an innovation ecosystem, to encourage high-tech, to keep the young people here, and to keep Jerusalem ahead,” she explained.

It’s part of a plan to rise to the economic and social challenges of a city which is 25% Ultra-Orthodox and nearly 40% Arab.

Ms. Hassan-Nahoum says her city is a microcosm of the future state of Israel which is forecast to have the same demographic breakdown in 20 to 30 years.

She’s working to ensure every Israeli including all Arab citizens stands to benefit from the tech-explosion.

“I’m bringing investment from outside the country to push it forward. I’m a big believer in peace and coexistence through economic development.”

She says the Abraham Accords with several Arab nations have been a game changer.

“They’ve really changed everything, but the most significant thing is that it has changed our relationship with the Arab world and the Muslims. There’s no longer an Arab-Israeli conflict.”

Charisma News observes that with such a thriving industry the Lord is honouring His covenant with Abraham and making His descendants a strong and prosperous nation.