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Trump’s Victory Ahead Of Super Tuesday

by | Tue, Mar 5 2024

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The US Supreme Court has delivered Donald Trump a significant victory ahead of the Super Tuesday primaries which are expected to put him on the brink of becoming the Republican Party’s presumptive nominee for the November presidential election.

America’s highest court unanimously ruled that states could not disqualify candidates for federal office under a rarely used constitutional provision that prohibits those who “engaged in insurrection” from holding office. That immediately overturned Colorado’s exclusion of the White House contender from its ballot, because he had allegedly incited and supported the January 6, 2021 attack on the US Capitol.

The nine justices avoided addressing the politically contentious issue over Mr. Trump’s actions on that day. They determined that only Congress can enforce the constitutional provision against federal officeholders and candidates, although four of the them – the three liberal members and conservative Amy Coney Barrett — faulted the other five justices for announcing rules that limited how the ‘insurrection’ provision may be enforced in the future.

Mr. Trump had also been barred from the ballot in Maine and Illinois and potentially in other states, but those decisions and plans were put on hold pending the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Colorado case. The former president welcomed the ruling, saying: “Essentially, you cannot take somebody out of a race because an opponent would like to have it that way.”

Not since the landmark decision which handed the disputed 2000 presidential election to George W. Bush over Al Gore, has the Supreme Court played such a central role in a presidential race.

Reuters reports its decision came five days after the justices agreed to decide Mr. Trump’s claim of immunity from prosecution on charges related to trying to overturn his 2020 presidential election loss to Joe Biden. Arguments in the immunity case are set down for late April and it could be months later before a decision is handed down. Delays in deciding the immunity issue could help Mr. Trump by delaying his criminal trial.

The Associated Press reports the decision on Mr. Trump’s eligibility came on the eve of the nation’s biggest day for primary elections and caucuses in the presidential race. Super Tuesday will see voters in 16 different states and one territory choose their preferred candidate. On the Republican side, 854 of 2,429 delegates — more than 35% — are up for grabs. About 36%, or 1,420 delegates, are in play for Democrats.

Barring a shock win for Republican challenger Nikki Haley in any of the states up for grabs including the two biggest — California and Texas —  Donald Trump and Joe Biden are expected to be on the verge of becoming their party’s presumptive nominee after Tuesday’s vote. That title could be confirmed as early as March 12 for Mr. Trump and March 19 for President Biden.