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Unique Online Ministry Targets Youth On Their Digital Devices

by | Fri, Jan 28 2022

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Nearly 200,000 young people surrendered their lives to Jesus last year, thanks to a unique online Christian ministry

‘Groundwire’ is an organisation that seeks to draw Millennials and Generation-Z towards Christ, using popular media channels.

Company president Seth Dunn says: “What we’re really good at doing is interrupting young people on their entertainment on small screens, and bringing to light their need and purpose.”

Mr Dunn conceded to ‘Faithwire’ that his ministry couldn’t convince youth to go to church or put down their phones, so it used Hollywood-produced content as ‘clickbait’ to attract their interest.

These short videos connect them to a team of mentors and lead them to more information about Christ on sites such as ‘Jesus Cares dot com.’

Mr Dunn found it “humbling” that God is using his ministry to draw so many young people to Christ.