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US Supreme Court Saves Babies Lives

by | Fri, Dec 1 2023

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More than 32,000 American children are alive because of last year’s landmark US Supreme Court decision to hand responsibility for abortion law to the states. That’s according to a study by the Institute of Labor Economics.

Researchers found the court’s decision to overturn its own Roe v. Wade precedent on nationwide abortion rights that had stood for 49 years triggered the most profound transformation of abortion access in half a century. They noted that within hours of the Supreme Court ruling, ten states had halted most abortions.

In the first half of this year, births rose by nearly 2.5% in states that enforced near total abortion bans following the historic decision. CBN News reports the biggest increase in birth rates was among Hispanic and lower socio-economic families.

Students for Life of America called it a “triumph’ and said the lives being saved were proof that the pro-life movement is making headway.

Meanwhile, the state of Idaho has filed an urgent appeal with the US Supreme Court for a ruling on its abortion law. In 2020, the state enacted the Defence of Life Act as a ‘trigger law’ that would automatically ban nearly all abortions in Idaho if the Roe v. Wade ruling was overturned, which it was two years later. The only exception allowing a termination in Idaho was if a mother’s life was endangered.

The Biden Administration challenged the Idaho law because it conflicted with a federal law that ensured patients with emergency medical conditions receive ‘stabilising care.’ The federal government argued that ‘stabilising care’ could include an abortion.

The Reuters news agency reports that prompted a federal judge and a Court of Appeals to block Idaho from enforcing its law. So the state has now sought a ruling from the nation’s highest court.

Across the Atlantic, a government review has found that complication rates from abortions in the UK are likely to be substantially higher than those officially reported. That’s because they have relied on data from abortion providers.

The review found data supplied by hospitals revealed complications to be more than two and a half times higher. When incomplete procedures were included, they were 12 times higher for the general population and 18 times higher for women under 20. They increased almost exponentially with the length of the pregnancy. The review also found there are no reliable figures for problems resulting from DIY abortion pill terminations when it was vital to have an accurate assessment of the length of the pregnancy.

The review prompted Right To Life UK to respond by saying: “We are calling on the Government to urgently introduce new measures to ensure that abortion complications data is accurately collected and reliably reported on [with] an urgent need for the Government to heed calls to reinstate in-person appointments before all abortions take place, to ensure that the gestation of babies can accurately be assessed.”