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US to Increase Military Presence in Europe

by | Thu, Jun 30 2022

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The US President is increasing America’s military presence in Europe.

A permanent troop base will be set up in Poland, while deployments in the Baltic will be enhanced.

Extra fighter jets will be sent to the UK, destroyers to Spain, and new air defences in Germany and Italy.

NATO is promising unwavering support for Ukraine and have again condemned Russia for causing immense human suffering.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has addressed the NATO summit in Spain, where Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is in attendance.

Meanwhile back home, US Marines in Darwin are going to conduct more complex drills as challenges grow in the Indo-Pacific.

NATO has labelled China a security threat.

In a major broadening of focus, NATO has issued a stinging rebuke of China, labelling its tactics malicious and coercive.