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VAD Legislation To Be Expanded To Include ACT Youths

by | Wed, Feb 8 2023

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The ACT is pushing ahead with consultation on its voluntary assisted dying legislation, planning to open up the option to teenagers.

The decision has drawn the criticism of the Australian Christian Lobby, describing it as a “modern day Pandora’s box”

Political director in the ACT, Rob Norman has criticised comments made by Ginnindera MP Tara Cheyne, who labelled VAD as a “safe and effective medical process”.

Mr Norman responded to those comments, calling them “ironic and macabre”, adding that plans to make VAD available to young people is irresponsible and sends the wrong message to vulnerable teens.

With suicide still the leading cause of death of children in Australia, the ACL would rather see the ACT government focus on tackling that issue instead.

The ACL has called for the government to suspend public consultation on the matter.