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Scottish Venue Staff Boycott Conference On ‘Woke Ideology’

by | Mon, Nov 28 2022

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A Scotland education conference examining the problem of woke ideology has had its booking cancelled because the venue’s staff vowed to boycott the event.

The Education Not Indoctrination conference was forced to relocate just three days before it took place despite the Glasgow booking being made months in advance.

The venue said without staffing in place it could not host the event.

The aim of the conference was to discuss what was described as “the creeping politicisation” taking place in the Scottish education system.

Leading sociologist and co-organiser, Dr. Stuart Waiton, said cancel culture had firmly taken root in Glasgow.

He stressed the whole point of the conference was to have a discussion about some of the dogmatic and ideological developments in schools that clash with the idea of an open, liberal education for all.

Christian Today reports that Dr. Waiton observed that the attempt to cancel the event is indicative of the “dangerous and deeply intolerant times we live in.”

He added that any discussion or disagreement about issues like race and gender are silenced.

Conference co-organiser Dr. Penny Lewis said the venue and its staff clearly don’t believe in open debate in a democratic society.

She explained that while the employees are talking about ‘feeling unsafe’ “this is a straightforward attempt to cancel an important discussion about what is happening in education.”

“We need a public discussion on education to create an education system that is open and tolerant.”

“Government and teachers should not be indoctrinating our kids with the latest political fads. Schools should strive for some sense of objectivity and provide our children with a range of differing views,” Dr. Lewis continued.

“Education in subject areas and history should help our children to develop a better understanding of their place in the world. A school should be a place of learning, not a platform from which government dictates political values or teachers preach ‘activism’.”