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Victoria Rejects Inquiry Into Gender Treatment For Children

by | Mon, Oct 23 2023

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The Victorian Parliament’s Upper House has voted down a motion by Christian Independent Liberal MP Moira Deeming  for an inquiry into gender-affirming care for children. The final vote was 21-16. Opposition from members of the governing Labor Party and the Greens ensured the motion’s defeat despite the backing of the Liberals who had expelled Ms. Deeming from their party room earlier this year.

Ms. Deeming argued: “It is an undisputed fact that the medicalised gender affirmation practices which have been mandated in Victoria have been abandoned in multiple jurisdictions all around the world, and that is because of two simple reasons: The lack of high quality and long-term evidence that they actually deliver the promised benefits, and mounting international evidence that real harm is already being done to children that is long term, catastrophic and irreversible.”

Kirralie Smith, the Christian founder of Binary Australia which campaigns against radical gender ideology, said: “The Victorian government confirmed how out of touch they really are by opposing Moira Deeming’s motion to conduct an inquiry into medicalised gender affirmation practices on minors. The motion was carefully worded and sought to ensure children are receiving evidenced-based care for gender identity issues.”

Ms. Smith observed that Libertarian Party MP David Limbrick delivered a “powerful speech” criticising the government’s conduct during the debate in the absence of long term studies and evidence of harm from overseas. “I question the motives of anyone that would oppose an inquiry which is not about being anti-trans; it is about medical harm being done,” Mr. Limbrick told the parliament.

“If you think that what we are doing in Victoria is world class and top notch, you have nothing to fear from an inquiry and you have nothing to fear from this being examined and scrutinised. What I am concerned about is that people that oppose this are trying to cover up what is going on. I have very serious concerns about what is going on. Why is it that every time that someone wants to talk about this. the reaction from activists and from people in the government is to shut them up?” the Libertarian MP added.

Ms. Smith noted: “The Labor members, along with the Greens, only offered personal attacks, name-calling and insults in response.” Ms. Deeming agreed, telling Sky News that those who rejected her motion had “no arguments” as “it’s just a cover-up. They know that the evidence is already in internationally, and that insurance companies and health services all around the world are backing out. It’s a disgusting scandal to be honest, because they’re looking after their own egos instead of the safety and well-being of children.”

Last week’s vote has pre-empted a petition to the Victorian parliament also calling for an inquiry into the medicalised gender transition treatments for children, which is due to close on November 12. It pointed out that the waiting list at the nation’s busiest child gender clinic at Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital has soared by 1,100% over the past ten years.

The petition which had just over 1,000 signatures had urged: “A thorough investigation into the current clinical evidence upon which gender treatments are founded, including profits involved and evidence-based clarity and rationale around why gender ideation is medically fixed for children, yet gender ideation is touted as also being fluid.”

Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) CEO Michelle Pearse had backed the petition, telling Vision Radio: “Their concern is based on the medical treatment protocols that these are initially designed for adults, but they’re being implemented upon children and teens who are being prescribed puberty blockers. And we know that other nations around the world are limiting these interventions. They’re not administering puberty blockers because they’re just uncertain about the long term outcomes and the lack of clarity around it.”

“But treatment is continuing in Australia. We need to support this petition and support these efforts to inquire into puberty blockers being given to children, which then leads them down the route of surgery. It’s impossible to change genders and it leaves young people with devastating, lifelong consequences. And for the justice of these kids, we need to make a stand,” Ms. Pearse asserted.

The ACL urges the Allan Government “to reconsider its position and be open to provide much-needed attention and care for gender dysphoric young people including those who de-transition.”