Victoria’s ‘Better Health’ Budget

Tony Davenport |
Tuesday, May 3rd, 2022

Victoria will inject $12 billion into its ailing health system as it seeks to undo damage wrought by the pandemic.

Treasurer Tim Pallas on Tuesday handed down his eighth budget, entitled ‘Putting Patients First’, declaring it would give healthcare workers an extra pair of helping hands.

It splashes cash on nurses, paramedics, emergency call-takers and elective surgery.

“This pandemic repair plan means more staff, better hospitals and first-class care,” Mr Pallas told state parliament.

The budget includes a commitment to train and hire 7000 healthcare workers, 5000 of whom will be nurses.

More than $80 million will be spent on hiring an extra 400 surgery-related nurses, upskilling 1000 nurses and theatre technicians, and recruiting up to 2000 expat and international health workers through a global recruitment drive.

Australian Associated Press


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