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Victory For Christian Medical Professionals

by | Thu, Dec 1 2022

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In a major victory for faith-based surgeons and hospitals, the Biden administration has declined to appeal against a court ruling on medical procedures.

Christian Headlines reports it means religious doctors will not be required to perform gender surgeries or abortions.

The Obama administration issued the mandate and tried to apply it to virtually every doctor nationwide.

It would have required them to perform gender transitions on any patient, including children.

Although the Trump administration moved to repeal the 2016 rule, some courts restored parts of the mandate and President Biden revived the rule upon taking office.

In August, a federal appeals court blocked the mandate, ruling that a Catholic healthcare network and a group of nearly 19,000 healthcare professionals cannot be required to carry out these procedures in violation of their deeply held beliefs and professional medical judgment.

The Biden administration did not appeal that ruling by the November deadline.

“The final demise of this unconscionable mandate is a major victory for conscience rights and compassionate medical care in America,” said Luke Goodrich, senior counsel for Becket Law which acted for the doctors in the class action.

“Thousands of doctors will be able to do their jobs without the government requiring them to perform harmful, irreversible procedures against their conscience and medical expertise,” Mr. Goodrich added.

He said the doctors who challenged the mandate are happy to serve all patients, but they couldn’t perform procedures against their beliefs.