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Westminster Abbey Offers Tours Of The Coronation Site For King Charles III

by | Sun, Apr 2 2023

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Following the coronation of King Charles on May 6 a few hundred visitors to Westminster Abbey will be able to join guided tours and stand on the very spot of his crowning.

It’s where the Coronation Chair is placed on what’s known as the Cosmati Pavement.

Premier Christian News reports the mosaic floor has been the coronation site of English monarchs for the past 700 years.

The intricate style of marble, glass and gemstones is laid out in front of the Abbey’s high altar.

Its design at the actual coronation spot depicts the universe with a globe at its centre.

The pavement was covered with carpet and red felt for coronations last century, but it won’t be for King Charles.

Members of the public will be able to walk on it for the first time in 150 years, but they must remove their shoes.

Roughly 700 tickets for the tours sold out within hours.

An Abbey spokesperson said: “These tours have really captured the public’s imagination which highlights the nation’s excitement about the forthcoming coronation. Due to exceptional media coverage tickets sold out very quickly.”

“There were very limited tickets available due to the historic significance and importance of the Cosmati Pavement to ensure it is preserved for future generations.”