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Why Is Anti-Catholic Teacher Still Employed?

by | Fri, Jan 13 2023

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American Roman Catholics are baffled why no action has been taken against a school assistant principal who openly bragged about not hiring Catholics.

Jeremy Boland was caught on camera last August openly admitting his anti-Catholic stance.

He said Protestants were more liberal in his area of Connecticut and he wouldn’t hire a Catholic because they were brainwashed.

Michael McDonald from the Catholic League wrote that such religious discrimination is obviously unlawful, but Mr Boland is still listed as assistant principal on the school’s website.

He had been placed on administrative leave, pending an investigation.

Mr. McDonald notes that authorities have had four months to decide on Mr. Boland’s fate, but the investigation appears to be in a state of suspended animation.

He notes that if the teacher’s comments had related to any other group, he would have been dismissed within days.

He writes that: “It would appear that anti-Catholicism is the last publicly acceptable form of bigotry.”