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$100,000 in practical help, and priceless encouragement for Australian drought affected communities.

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Don’t Be A Blame Thrower (2)

‘We are each responsible for our own conduct.’ Galatians 6:5 NLT Sally managed a small marketing company, and when problems arose she automatically looked for a scapegoat. At sales meetings she berated and criticised her co-workers, choosing to call her tirades ‘pep talks’. Her associates began to resign in droves, and when company revenues declined …Read More

Shonky Alcohol Pregnancy Posters Taken Down –  Shane Varcoe

“Medicos, world leading medical journalists, including the Lancet, who’ve now come out with an absolute clear statement. “There is no safe use of alcohol at all.” Shane Varcoe.  

“Unbroken: Path to Redemption”

The film tells the story of Louis Zamperini following his return from World War II

Hospital and An Awakening of Faith

Patients more likely to believe in God when admitted to hospital

Churches Open Doors for History

Church organisers say the event is an opportunity to begin a conversation

Devotions for Youth

The Importance of God’s Word in the Life of the Believer

Pastor Greg Laurie from the radio programme ‘A New Beginning’ Pastor Greg Laurie from the radio programme ‘A New Beginning’ I heard a story about a father talking to his daughter and her 5 year old friend, Christen, about birthdays. They discovered that he and Christen had birthdays very close together. He said to her, …Read More

(My day at the) ‘Queen St Post Office Massacre’

“As a Christian you immediately lock into God. So he’s coming at us and I’m trying to think what to do and asking the Lord to show me.” Frank Carmody

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