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Deb Gadd shares her recent pilgrimage to the Holy Land on our Vision Christian Tours annual trip to Israel.

Break Your Alabaster Jar (1)

‘A woman who had lived a sinful life… brought an alabaster jar of perfume.’ Luke 7:37 NIV The Bible says, ‘A woman who had lived a sinful life… brought an alabaster jar of perfume, and as she stood behind him at his feet weeping… poured perfume on them.’ (Luke 7:37–38 NIV) This perfume was pure …Read More

Australia At War Against Christianity – Bernard Gaynor

“This is a war on Christianity in Australia. In the last three or four years we’ve seen numerous churches burnt down especially in Victoria.” Bernard Gaynor

The Value of Little Girls – Babette Francis

‘Hundreds of millions of men will be unable to find wives’ Feminist foreign policy and reproductive freedom – are these five words contributing to the devaluation of overseas and Australian girls? If so, by how much? What about the worldwide cultural mix? Is there any doubt millions of unborn babies have  been sacrificed on feminism’s …Read More

Devotions for Youth

Dr Kameel Majdali Australian Tour

Stranded Christians Face Deportation

Christian Iranians – stranded in Austria, are facing deportation

Scots Weigh In on Bibi Case

Scottish MPs appeal Pakistan’s highest court on Asia Bibi case.

Chinese Blamed for Lawyer’s Death

Chinese government blamed for sudden death of Christian lawyer.

God Is On The Move

Sponsorship Funding Behind the Rise of Islamic Terrorist Attacks – Elizabeth Kendal

‘Moderate Muslims return home radicalised after attending madrassas and mosques – their tuition paid for by state sponsored scholarships’ “Turkey and Saudi Arabia are the two leading funders and supporters of Sunni terrorism around the world.” “The terrorism we’re seeing now is not new. It’s a return to the Islam of the 19th Century. It’s …Read More

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