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Judgment Day Will Be A Great Day For You

‘In this world we are like Jesus.’ 1 John 4:17 NIV Will you get into Heaven because you are worthy? No, you’ll get there because Jesus, the One in Whom you’ve placed your trust, is worthy! ‘As we live in God, our love grows more perfect. So we will not be afraid on the Day …Read More


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The Trump Presidency, Russia and Islam

“Russia understands Islam in a way that America, Australia, and Western Europe doesn’t. For many centuries Russia shared a border with the Ottoman Empire.” “They (the new US administration) agree that the best thing the US can do is work in a cooperative way with Russia in the fight against assertive Islam.” That’s one problem, …Read More

‘Life In the Row Boat’

What if fear of failure and fear of the future were to become things of the past? If that’s your need then this article transcribed from a recent interview on Vision radio is for you. There are certain people who have the knack of coming up with creative ways to teach, and Richard Eagle is …Read More

Neil Gorsuch and the Importance of the US Supreme Court – Bill Muehlenberg

One of Vision Radio’s regular guests is never backward in coming forward with strong, wisdom-filled statements against the tide of secular humanism currently sweeping the globe. ‘Free speech is regarded as being inimical to fascism, and rightly so. And leftists routinely claim that they are the enemies of fascism and the champions of free speech. …Read More

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