May 30 - June 2

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Want to read some really encouraging stories of God at work in the lives of everyday Aussies? Here at Vision we hear them every day and we've gathered a few for you right here.

How Change Happens (1)

‘We are changed into His glorious image.’ 2 Corinthians 3:18 NLT Change happens through crisis. God changed Jacob’s name, which means ‘deceiver’, to Israel, which means ‘a prince with God’. And He did it through crisis. Realising he had to go home and face the wrath of his brother Esau, whom he’d mistreated, Jacob became …Read More


Helping youth follow Jesus

Thank You Day

Visionathon is on this week, but we thought before we start, we needed to stop and reflect on all God has done through Vision, and to say thanks to everyone who has been part of this ministry. “And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord …Read More

‘Faith For Healing – It’s Contagious!’ Evangelist Carl Butler

Carl Butler from Fan the Flame Ministries has traveled far and wide. He’s been to more than 40 countries over the past 25 years. Carl’s eager to see men and women saved and healed, freed and filled with the Holy Ghost, churches impacting their communities and God being glorified. On his most recent ventures he’s …Read More

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God Is On The Move

The Silent Majority’s Clash with Progressive Globalism – Ross Clifford

Main-stream media exposed as a propaganda tool for the progressives globalist agenda “I mean mate, we’re just over it!” Rev. Dr Ross Clifford exclaimed. “Today we can twitter and do social media we’re no longer confined to traditional media to express ourselves, but rather to find alternative points of view.” Can the globalist agenda be revived …Read More

Sharing Truth In A Post Truth World – Stu Millar

‘The evolving way people think about truth’ “It’s not about the truth but about the perception of what people think is right.” “If you’ve got a world view that says there is no truth, there are no absolutes, then why can’t something that’s fake be true?” Stuart Millar suggested, saying everything is about perceptions today. …Read More

Ivory Coast, where Islamic and Western interests converge – Elizabeth Kendal

‘How French greed impoverishes France’s former African colonies, Ivory Coast is one of them’   France is exploiting Ivory Coast to the tune of 85 percent of its money – 65 percent is siphoned off to France along with another 20 percent for liabilities. “It’s grossly appalling and it’s beyond my understanding why this is …Read More

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