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Want to read some really encouraging stories of God at work in the lives of everyday Aussies? Here at Vision we hear them every day and we've gathered a few for you right here.

Confessions of a Secret Sinner (3)

‘You will rebuild those houses left in ruins for years.’ Isaiah 58:12 CEV Lie number two: God won’t use you now. Julie Ann Barnhill continues: ‘Women long to have their lives count for something more eternal than their jean size, or updated qualifications on a CV. Yet many times we judge ourselves by these superficial …Read More

Hypergrace Dividing Churches in China – Gladwyn Turner

  ‘Future sin is already forgiven’ Controversies have been brewing in different parts of the broader church for some time now on the issue of what has become known as hypergrace. Churches from their foundations in the scriptures tend to agree that it is not by works we are saved but by God’s grace alone. …Read More

‘‘We’re Taking Back the Rainbow!’ – Ken Ham

“The LGBTQ movement started using a rainbow flag in 1978. But God gave meaning to the rainbow 4,300 years ago. We read about it in Genesis 9 where He said, ‘When you see the rainbow it’s a reminder of the covenant between God and man and God and the animals that God will never again judge with a global flood,” Ken paraphrased.

Corporate ‘Sermonising’ the YES Vote – David Pellowe

Should Australian companies be pushing ‘marriage equality’ on their consumers? “I think we should do what Margaret Court did and communicate publicly our displeasure at the company replacing service with sermons.” – David Pellowe

More Miracles and Salvations in Venezuela

‘Steve Ryder returns – God pours out His Spirit’ “They actually examined the people to make sure they had tumours. 22 miracles took place, one after another. I’ve never seen anything in my life like that before.” “Imagine what that does to the crowd?” “Next March we are going to a state where they said …Read More

‘I gave my lunch money to Vision!’ (Lucas TAS)

“Did you see me on Vision? I gave my lunch order money. And you should listen to Vision as well!’’ “I don’t know why I’m crying mummy but my bucket is full and I’m happy!” That was Lucas at school today and here’s how it came about.   You may be familiar with the story …Read More

‘We Are Not Alone’ – Bruce from Wondai Qld

“In these isolated communities where there’s not a lot of fellowship or pastoral ministry it’s great to be able to say, ‘Hey, go to Vision Christian media, go to The Word for Today, be part of it, that resource is there to use.”    


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Turning Mental Illness Into Beauty – Dr Christopher Pitt

A doctor’s struggle with depression on the autism spectrum “Mental illness really makes you feel broken and worthless. But it’s amazing that God takes us in our brokenness and He puts us back together.” “When He puts us back together and having come through that experience He gives us that extra special layer of gold, …Read More

Alcohol And Drugs, Who To Blame? – Shane Varcoe

Who’s responsible for road toll, losing a career, losing your family, causing illnesses, or the health of our kids?

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