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In Harness With Jesus

‘You will find rest for your souls.’ Matthew 11:29 NIV One of the greatest promises Jesus ever gave us is: ‘Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you …Read More

Shonky Alcohol Pregnancy Posters Taken Down –  Shane Varcoe

“Medicos, world leading medical journalists, including the Lancet, who’ve now come out with an absolute clear statement. “There is no safe use of alcohol at all.” Shane Varcoe.  

Genetics, God, and the Future of Humanity – Dr Denis Alexander

“This new genetic technology gives us the ability to quite readily and easily change the DNA of any organism in the world including humans.” Dr Denis Alexander.

Devotions for Youth

Faith Shines Through in Dry Times: Christian Farmers Take a Hopeful Outlook

While Aussie farmers are struggling under the drought, it seems many Christian farmers are finding comfort in their faith.

Paedophile Child Sex Dolls Online – Caitlin Roper

“We’ve come across a number of child sex dolls and when you look at them it’s quite clear they’re intended to be very young.” Caitlin Roper, Collective Shout.

Chinese Crack Down on Religion

Chinese citizens can practice any religion officially recognised

World Vision Ready to Help the Philippines

More than five million people were at risk from the latest typhoon

94 Year Old Skydives for Salvos

Harry says, you might well be asking where God comes in

Visionathon ‘ Vision radio a fulfillment of our church’s vision’

Jo Baer from Yarrawonga has given an amazing testimony about Vision radio after she phoned in to make a donation in response to Visionathon. Jo strongly believes that God planned for her township of Yarrawonga to receive Vision radio. She said her church received a vision many years ago that featured the region’s big grain …Read More

The Fifth Wheel Worship Centre – Tony & Mina Gunter   

“There are some people who think you can find all of that in one woman. I said you’d need 9 day weeks and 36 hour days!” Tony Gunter on finding the Proverbs 31 girl.

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