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‘They do not know what they are doing.’ Luke 23:34 NIV Max Lucado writes: ‘It begins as a drop of water… Someone gets your parking place, pulls in front of you on the motorway, a waitress is slow and you’re in a hurry, the toast burns… Get enough of these seemingly innocent drops of anger …Read More


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‘The Biggest Survey in Australia After the Census’ Dr Ruth Powell

Through the months of October and November churches around Australia have been completing their National Church Life Survey (NCLS). The NCLS is regarded as a world leader with its focus on connecting churches and their communities. The research that’s been going on for several decades is focused on well-being, spirituality, and church health. Questions the …Read More

The Church, the Jews and Israel

Rev Willem Glashouwer, who’s from the Netherlands, wants to educate the church about Israel. He’s President of Christians for Israel International … and Honorary President of the European Coalition for Israel. 20Twenty host Neil Johnson asked the Reverend Glashouwer to explain more about the purpose of his visit to Australia. “We want to even convert …Read More

Do worship leaders know what they’re doing?

What’s the value of singing in church?  Why does it matter and why should we care? Praise and worship and hymn singing images come to mind; older folks perhaps singing hymns accompanied by a church organ, or the other extreme where a contemporary church might appear more like a nightclub with flashing lights, dry ice …Read More

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