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What Kind Of Christian Are You? (3)

‘The teaching that I ask you to accept is easy; the load I give you to carry is light…’ Matthew 11:30 NCV Jesus said, ‘[The Pharisees] tie up heavy, cumbersome loads and put them on other people’s shoulders.’ (Matthew 23:4 NIV) They imposed rules that people couldn’t keep, and on the rare occasion when they …Read More


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Justin Gardner – ‘Living the Remarkable Christian Life’

A recent guest on 20Twenty was author and pastor Justin Gardner who talked about his latest book that’s simply called ‘Remarkable’. But there was nothing simple about either ‘Remarkable’ the book, or its writer. Justin’s authored other books. In fact, he’s now written five. The first titled ‘Crime Son’ was about his upbringing submerged in …Read More

Peter’s Testimony: “I Can Believe In Jesus Now!”

Vision Radio had cause to pause recently and leave the mic open to a listener’s riveting testimony of conversion and the Lord’s bountiful mercy and grace in his life. Here’s how it started for Robbo and Becci on Rise and Shine recently when Peter came on the program. “A devastating thing happened 18 months ago, …Read More

When Godly Fear Turns Ungodly

Paul and Joanne Ryan Ellel Ministries is a Christian mission organisation centred on teaching and healing and helping Christians discover their true identities and destinies in Christ and Paul Ryan, Centre Director for Ellel Ministries, recently appeared on 20Twenty to talk about the ministry’s role in helping people overcome fear. Paul explained the difference between …Read More

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