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What Kind Of Christian Are You? (2)

‘I have come that they may have life… abundantly.’ John 10:10 NKJV Here are some questions you should ask yourself regularly: (1) Am I approachable? Speaking of the Pharisees, Jesus said, ‘They love the place of honour… and to be called “Rabbi”.’ (Matthew 23:6–7 NIV) In Jesus’ day some rabbis had the idea that true …Read More


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US elections – Chaos the Norm For Major Parties

Social commentator Bill Meuhlenberg appeared on 20Twenty recently to share his observations on the Republican and Democratic Parties chosen candidates for the up-coming presidential election. As the American-born apologist articulated on his Culture Watch website, the GOP, (Republican Party,) can no longer be called a conservative party, having chosen Donald Trump to challenge Hillary Clinton …Read More

Christians – Tick the ‘Religion’ Box On Census Night

Christians of all denominations are being encouraged to fill in the ‘Religion’ box, or the ‘Other’ box when answering question 19 of the Census on Tuesday night August 9. Believers are advised to choose to use their denomination, or even just the word Christian, regardless of whether or not they attend a church. Christians need …Read More

The Christian Crisis In The Middle East

Author and religious liberty analyst Elizabeth Kendal is a regular guest on Neil Johnson’s 20Twenty program on the Vision Radio Network. Ms Kendal’s most recent appearance was to discuss her latest book, ‘After Saturday Comes Sunday.’ Although the title might appear more suited for a Mills and Boon novel, it in fact conceals a devilishly …Read More

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