Longing For Home

‘We are citizens of Heaven.’ Philippians 3:20 NLT Every year Pacific salmon, having lived five to six years in the ocean, suddenly get the urge to return to the headwaters of their birth river. Battling fishermen, bears, and giant hydroelectric dams, they fight their way upstream determined to reach their home. Scientists don’t know how …Read More

Simon – widower South East Qld

“The music certainly helps uplift your spirit when you’re down, for myself and my son who’s only 8. Vision makes you realise you’re not alone and there are other people travelling that same path.” Simon is a recent widower, a solo dad with an 8-year old son after losing his wife to cancer 12-months ago.

From Prison to Preacher

‘When you’re an angry violent person, and you’re in a big city like Newcastle upon Tyne, you can have as much trouble as you can handle.’ Dougie March thought he could handle anything. He was a member of an infamous gang of football hooligans, who followed Newcastle FC around the UK, getting in trouble.

Esther from Kangaroo Island, SA

“To me Vision is like a breath of fresh air, a light in the darkness – that’s what Vision is.” Esther, who lost her husband 2-and-a-half years ago in 2015, said Vision Radio has been a strong companion for her during her troubles.

All Day Every Day Vision Radio – Kathleen from Petrie, Qld

“I just turn it down very low when I go to bed at night and walk past it and put it back on in the morning and it’s on all day. I don’t like to turn it off, it’s just such a wonderful influence in our lives.”

A Solace for My Soul ‘ Mandy SA

“Within a few minutes (of listening to Vision Radio) I literally felt a massive sense of peace. My thoughts were being replaced with things that were lovely, true, and praiseworthy.” This is Mandy who’s been listening to Vision Radio for about 2 years after having a session or two with a Christian counsellor.

NASA Scientist Sees God’s Design

NASA scientist says he sees God’s hand in the wonders of space every day

Clampdown on Bible Society Employees

The American Bible Society wants employees to adhere to a code of ethics, or resign.

Church Attendance not Reflective of Christian Faith

64 percent still identify as Christians – even if only 18 percent attend church once a month.

Devotions for Youth

Tribute To Chuck Missler

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