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Don’t Rush To Judgment

‘Do not make hasty or premature judgments.’ 1 Corinthians 4:5 AMPC Prejudice—is pre-judging. It makes you see those who don’t endorse what you believe as enemies. You attribute commendable qualities to the circle you move in, and negative ones to those outside it. That’s not what Jesus did. He befriended and fellowshipped with sinners and …Read More

Stan Walker Faces His Biggest Fear

“The recovery part was hard, just physically, and it became mentally hard when I knew my voice was at stake.” Stan Walker’s life-threatening illness and his faith.

The Rise of Anti-Semitism in Australia – Stan Goodenough

Anti-Semitism. What should Christians do? ‘“We could stand with them publicly outside their schools, outside their synagogues, and say, ‘We will stand with you and help to keep you safe.” Stan Goodenough.

Devotions for Youth

On Death Row For 28 Years For A Crime He Didn’t Commit. How Anthony Ray Hinton Stayed Joyful

In 1985 Anthony Ray Hinton was charged with the murders of two restaurant managers in Birmingham, Alabama. A jury found him guilty, a judge sentenced him to death. But he was innocent.

Melbourne Anti-Safe Schools Rally – Marzena Marsilla

A harrowing account of a child’s suffering that has led to an anti-Safe Schools rally to take place in Melbourne April 21st 2018

The Real Site of the Wedding at Cana

A number of compelling clues have been discovered

Lonely Religious People Less Isolated

Those who believe in a religion are less likely to lose the will to live

Calls for Wealthy Families to Support Poor

Archbishop of Canterbury’s intervention sure to spark controversy

Little Challenges Big Storms – Dave Reardon

“I looked at these kids who were looking at me. There was a stunned silence and I said, ‘I’m sorry guys, I’ve got nothing.” Dave Reardon after a failed attempt as a youth leader.

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