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Increase Your Pastor’s Effectiveness (3)

‘[Pastors]…should be considered worthy of respect.’ 1 Timothy 5:17 PHPS When it comes to pastors: (1) You must pray for them. Nothing releases the power of a pastor’s ministry like the prayers of their flock. Paul recognised that his effectiveness in ministry depended on the people’s prayers: ‘Pray in the Spirit… Pray also for me, …Read More


Helping youth follow Jesus

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Churches and Homelessness

In 2011, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, more than 105 thousand people, or 0.5 per cent of our population were homeless. That number has almost certainly increased since then. Today we’re returning to the wisdom and vision of people on the front line, giving help and healing to Australia’s homeless. Vision’s Matt Gees …Read More

The decline of White Christian America

A new article in America’s prestigious Atlantic magazine outlines the way that America’s once powerful white protestant Christian majority has declined in influence. The article was written by Robert P. Jones, who is also the CEO of the Public Religion Research Institute. He points out that for most of America’s history, white Protestant Christians set the tone for …Read More

Understanding the Election

The campaign is well underway after the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced a double dissolution election to be held on July 2. At Vision we believe it’s vital for Christians to be politically aware and engaged, so we’re asking some of our leaders to guide you through the issues from a biblical perspective. 20Twenty’s Neil …Read More

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