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What is God saying to you?

‘In all things God works for the good of those who love Him.’ Romans 8:28 NIV Novelist A.J. Cronin had been practising as a physician for almost ten years when he developed a gastric ulcer that required complete rest. So he went to a farm in the Scottish Highlands to recuperate. He says, ‘The first …Read More

Christian Response to The Project Goes Viral

Jereton Edwards, 22 years old from Brisbane, made a Christian video response to Magda’s comments. Robbo and Becci interview him about going viral.

The Generosity Monk –  Gary Hoag

“How I handle money and the priorities I make is the greatest message I have to a watching world that I’m different,” Gary Hoag, the Generosity Monk.

The Age of Social Media Outrage – Lyall Mercer

“We’re in the age of social media outrage. It’s a profession almost, it’s a ridiculous scenario, it’s like the wild west of communication. It doesn’t matter what people say, someone will get upset about it.” Lyall Mercer.

Hope in Cancer, Death and Grief – Lois Thompson

One more hurdle to jump Lois Thompson is no stranger to tragedy. She has lost her husband to cancer, a son in a tragic accident, and her own experience with secondary breast cancer. Lois has been a social worker for the past 40 years and she’s also a pastor and speaker. Importantly for us, Lois …Read More

Netherlands Bishop Challenges the Pope

Pope Francis asked to clarify whether Protestants can receive communion.

UK’s Economic Gap

Giving £10,000 to every 25-year-old in the UK, has been rejected by a Christian financial advisor.

Jesuit Priest and the Gunpowder Plot

Father John Gerard met Guy Fawkes and gave “God’s blessing” to the plot in 1605

Dr Kameel Majdali Australian Tour

Devotions for Youth

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