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Want to read some really encouraging stories of God at work in the lives of everyday Aussies? Here at Vision we hear them every day and we've gathered a few for you right here.

Find The ‘Key Log’

‘I thought about my ways.’ Psalm 119:59 NKJV One of the great keys to success in life is having the right approach. But to improve your approach you need to assess where you’re starting from. This may take some time. And depending on how self-aware you are, it may even be difficult. The key is …Read More


Helping youth follow Jesus

The Senate Rejects Plebiscite Bill – Where To From Here?

“It’s now certain there will not be a people’s vote to determine the future of marriage on February 11th 2017.” So said Lyall Shelton, managing director of the Australian Christian Lobby. The proposal was voted down on Monday night November 7 in the Upper House 33 votes to 29. Australia’s Turnbull government had pushed ahead …Read More

Q Commons – The Curious, The Thinkers, The Neighbourly

You may need to read on a bit to find out whether you’re curious enough or not. And what about your thinking? Do you think you’re thinking not enough, enough, or too much? Those listening to Vision Radio’s 20Twenty program recently may well have been thinking these thoughts when Stephen O’Doherty was describing Q Commons. …Read More

God Is On The Move

Dr Kameel Majdali

2017 Australian Speaking Tour

A journey from Witchcraft to Jesus

An extraordinary, exceptional example of God’s miracle-working power is the story of Sarah Douglas. Sarah shared her amazing testimony with Vision radio – a testimony that had her childhood immersed in the horrifying dark satanic realm of the occult. The nightmare mushroomed into her adolescence with Sarah surviving as a tattooist for three decades before …Read More

No, She Won’t be Right

Visionathon is fast approaching, and throughout this appeal, we’re all praying for a God revolution. We know that lasting hope is founded on the truth of Jesus Christ, and we want to spread his truth, and the hope it brings, all across Australia. ‘There’s so many people out there that are suffering,’ says Kirsty, a …Read More

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The First Tasmanian to Conquer Everest – John Zeckendorf

‘You’re so high up and because of the curvature of the earth, it feels like you’re walking in the stars and not underneath them.” “There’s nothing that interferes with you actually hearing from God. That’s what I love about mountain climbing.” “The reality is, they wouldn’t even come close to the bottom of the mountain …Read More

The God Revolution – Tony McLennan

“More and more people are coming to the Lord…I get the impression God is on the move….things are happening!” “I believe the early signs of revival are being generated by the Holy Spirit.” “The supernatural nature of the conversions I’ve been seeing, particularly over the last 12 months and longer, indicates to me that these …Read More

Shares, Property, and the Family Budget – Darren Laudenbach

Should we have a family budget? “If we’re not looking at our money and not looking where we’re spending it and what our intention is around that, then to me that’s kind of crazy.” Should we be investing in a share portfolio? “Buying shares is a much better place to play…ideally you’d look at buying …Read More

‘When persecution comes, don’t be surprised’ – Vicki Salkin

John 15:18 ‘If the world hates you know that it has hated Me first’ Meet an advocate who defends the religious freedoms of Christians around the world. “We are aware that persecution is increasing but Muslims are turning to Christ. Iran for example has the fastest growing evangelical church in the world,” said Vicki Salkin. …Read More

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