Being There (1)

We say, ‘It’s not my responsibility. I don’t want to get involved!’ Ever said those words? You may have thought you had a good reason—perhaps it was an inconvenient time—but the bottom line is you didn’t offer to help someone in need.

Life With the Holy Spirit – Katherine Ruonala

A very special guest on Vision’s 20Twenty recently was author, evangelist and conference speaker Katherine Ruonala. Katherine and husband Tom are the founders and senior ministers of Glory City Church, Brisbane and overseers of the Glory City Church network here and in the US. The book discussed on the program springs from Katherine Ruonala’s prophetic …Read More

Retirement Crisis Battle For Men – Ken O’Rourke

The older you get the better it gets? Yes. Ken O’Rourke definitely hopes so. But there’s a problem. Many men don’t and seriously, it does need to get better. It’s reported the suicide rate for men between 55 and 65 has gone up by 50 percent in the last ten years. “In addition the highest …Read More

‘Rise’ – A Young Aussie Christian Goes To Jail

‘The true story of a new believer sentenced to 6 years behind bars in a maximum security prison on a false rape conviction’ This controversial film has had widespread impact across the globe since its release in 2015. The controversy stems from the film’s topic, rape. The movie Rise is the story of a young …Read More

Devotions for Youth

Bishops Call for Cap on Child Benefits

The intention behind the call is to influence the behaviour of less well-off families,

Bible Offends Okinawa Community

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation have filed a complaint

Atheist Appointed to Hospital Chaplaincy

The woman refers to herself as a humanist overseeing chaplains in Buckinghamshire.

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