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Leadership: Does God Expect Perfection?

6 February 2022 marked the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s Accession, becoming Queen Regnant of seven independent Commonwealth countries, as well as the Head of the Commonwealth. What can we learn about leadership from the longest reigning British monarch?

Prayer for Christmas

Celebrating the Christ of Christmas with Hilton Edwards, CEO of Bible League Australia.

Sharing is Caring

When we talk about caring by sharing, we often think about sharing what we have — belongings, time, joy. But what about sharing the Gospel? Do you consider that an act of care? Vision’s technician shares his best Christmases in India.

A Feast of Restoration & Redemption

Christmas is full of feasts. People gathering together in joy and laughter. It is an imagery of God’s restoration and the redemptive work of the Gospel. Clare Steele, CEO of Compassion Australia shares her thoughts about Christmas.

Present of His Presence

There was good food, there were presents. But these didn’t satisfy Barbara growing up without Christ. Then she received the greatest gift of all.

“Dei sub numine viget”!?

Dei sub numine viget. What does this mean and how does this link to the message of Christmas?

A Very Messy Christmas

I love that Jesus wants to relate to me – a messy bloke. He understands mess, and deals with it. Jesus lived in it.

Hope — a Poem for Advent Sunday

Cerebrating CHRISTmas: Hope — a Poem for Advent Sunday

Hope is Born

Celebrating CHRISTmas series. Waiting is hard. Waiting in silence even harder! But when hope is birthed, everything changes.