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Life is full of ups and downs; we recognise that everyone goes through a point of need or crisis. Most Australians have a foundational belief in God. In fact based on the 2011 census, 61% of us Aussies indicated we believe in a Christian faith. Therefore Vision Christian Prayer provides a contact point for you to initiate an element of trust in God to meet your need.

All you have to do is type in your need or request in the box below. We will then forward your request to Christian Churches around Australia and in your local community who are committed to praying for your need 7 days a week. We only ask that you email us back when your prayer has been answered. You may have a terminal illness or need prayer for a family member or friend. You may need employment or just have lost your wallet. Perhaps it's more serious - you've reached breaking point and can't take anymore.

You can make a request for any need you may have. It doesn't matter how large or small you think it is. Even a sparrow's fall is not insignificant in God's sight. As far as He is concerned, everything about your life is of paramount importance to Him.

But certainly God has heard me; He has attended to the voice of my prayer.
Blessed be God, Who has not turned away my prayer, nor His mercy from me!
Psalm 66:19-20 NKJV


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