Beaten and Arrested for Drinking Water


Each year the Muslim community around the world have a month long prayer and fasting ritual in order to draw closer to their god, Allah.  One of the consequences of this time on the Muslim calendar is that there are many within the religion who become more violent.

We know this because during Ramadan, persecution towards Christians living in Islamic countries intensifies.   Ramadan has already begun this year and continues through till the 4th of June.  The recent missile attacks on Israel from the Gaza Strip are not just a coincidence of timing.

Emma Rogers from Open Doors Australia joined Neil Johnson on Vision Christian Radio’s 20Twenty program to discuss what our Christian response should be to Ramadan.

“For Christians living in Islamic nations, persecution really does increase during Ramadan,” Emma shared.  “Last year I was actually in a couple of Muslim countries during Ramadan, and even as a visitor we weren’t allowed to drink water or chew gum in public.  There were screens around some non-Muslim cafes, but you couldn’t see in or out.  Some restaurants were closed for the whole month of Ramadan.  I could feel the pressure there as a visitor, but it would be nothing compared to the daily pressure Christians who live there face.”

We’re seeing year upon year that persecution for Christians increases during Ramadan.

Emma continues sharing accounts of Christians living in Egypt faced during Ramadan last year.  “A couple of men, Adel and Honey, both of them were persecuted for their faith just for drinking water through the day.  Adel explained that a group of Muslim men came up to him and asked why he was breaking Ramadan fasting by drinking water.  He said to them, ‘I’m a Christian’, but as soon as they heard that he was a Christian they attacked him and they beat him.  Honey was arrested for just having a bottle of water in his bag.”

Listen to Emma’s full interview below.

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