Could the Bible Stop the Next Coronavirus Outbreak?

China and the coronavirus

International flights in and out of China are being stopped and Russia has just closed land-borders.

The escalation of the corona virus is making news headlines all over the world. To date 500 people have died, and over 24,000 have been infected with the flu like virus in China alone.

Charles Newington from Family Voice Australia has been looking into the Coronavirus and spoke to Neil Johnson on Vision Christian Radio’s 20Twenty program to share a Biblical perspective.

“You can see that nations are taking it very seriously without wanting to ‘rattle the nerves of the horses’ as it were and create chaos.”

“The Western science field represented by the prestigious Lancet medical journal estimates that the number of cases will double every 6.4 days. So, their estimate of infections in Wuhan city (the virus epicentre) alone are expected to peak at 300,000 people.”

Coronavirus outbreak

When we speak about pandemics it does tend to spark fears in people. Medical scientists are currently working overtime to develop a vaccine to prevent the global spread of the coronavirus.

However, Charles say that ‘natural resistance’ in our own human immunities should kick in before the virus reaches its peak.

“I’m not a virologist, but I think all of us would recognise that we have these pandemics like flus that come back season after season with a slight mutation to them. Professor Ian Mackay from the University of Queensland has come out and said that [coronavirus] is now part of our world and we’ll have to find some way to deal with it.”

What is Coronavirus and How to Protect Yourself

The coronavirus, like the bird flu, are viruses that originated in wild animals and were transmitted to humans through wild food markets in China.   The Old Testament in the Bible spent a lot of time teaching about the correct ways to prepare food, in particular animal meat, to prevent the spread of disease.

So what can we learn from God’s Word about preventing outbreaks like the coronavirus in the future? Find out by listening to Neil’s conversation with Charles Newington in the podcast below.

Tune into 20Twenty and join the conversation with Neil Johnson, weekdays on Vision Christian Radio. Click here for your local times and more interviews.

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