Dubbo Aboriginal Evangelism Event

Bill Newman and Isaac Gordon
Bill Newman and Isaac Gordon

Recently on 20Twenty, Neil talked to Aboriginal Elder Evangelist Isaac Gordon and Evangelist Bill Newman about an upcoming outreach in Dubbo NSW.

There have been some amazing developments in country NSW and real excitement is being generated on the ground. The call has gone out from a remote outback Aboriginal Elder, to churches in western NSW to join together for a major outreach.

Isaac Gordon asked Bill Newman to help him reach out to all Australians of all ethnicities with the Gospel. This has culminated in the NSW River Convention, that will happen in Dubbo on the 16th-18th April.

Bill says he is so excited about teaming up with Isaac to outreach on the ground. “Traditionally this has been a special convention for Aboriginal people, but we have cast the net wide and invited other people too. It’s very exciting, it’s time to dream again!”

Bill believes that success depends upon all the Churches coming together and working together. “The power of it is in joining together. Having fellowship in the Gospel is the only answer for Australia. The good news of Jesus Christ transforms hearts and lives.”

Isaac has been running the NSW River Convention for 15 years now and has great respect for Bill. “Two of my oldest daughters came to the Lord during an event where Bill was preaching,” he says. Isaac has also been part of outreaching to remote communities for a long time, in fact he grew up travelling with his dad. “I realised at a young age that there was a great need. People are struggling with drugs and suicide, and so many people’s lives are being affected through sin. When I put out this invitation, I was expecting 6 pastors, but 12 turned up. And that is because they are recognising the conditions in their communities and the need for intervention.”

NSW River Convention (Photo credit: facebook.com/Nwnswriverconventions)
NSW River Convention (Photo credit: facebook.com/Nwnswriverconventions)
Isaac Gordon preaching at NSW River Convention
Isaac Gordon preaching at NSW River Convention. n (Photo credit: facebook.com/Nwnswriverconventions)

Bill believes that God commands a blessing when the people of God come together.

It’s unity in the Gospel. That’s the thing that binds us together.

Isaac has seen firsthand the grief that the Aboriginal people go through. “We get together so much in sad times, but this convention gives a message of hope and eternal life. These people need to know that someone loves them.”

Isaac continues that it’s all about fellowship and building one another up. “We run the convention during school holidays so people can bring their children. It’s a wonderful time to come together and give hope to people. We as Christians need to be built up too and encourage one another as we journey together.”

Bill also believes that we are seeing prophesy being fulfilled right before our eyes. “Christ’s return is near and its exciting and wonderful to live in these days. It’s such a great message of hope to share. People want to know what is going to happen. The second coming is one of the most exciting things to preach about, Jesus is coming again! Great events foreshadow themselves, and we can see that happening now.”

Isaac believes that the work must continue in the community to disciple people when he leaves.  “It’s so important that we meet up with the Ministers and Pastors, so they can get beside people and keep them going.”

Bill says that as Christians, we have to earn the right to be heard. We must have integrity and trust. “We are building bridges into people’s lives. I think the best way to do that is to just constantly think of others.”

Isaac says that we should continue looking to Christ. “In Christ we are one people. There is no colour, no race, just brothers and sisters in Christ. We just love one another. True reconciliation can only be found in Jesus Christ. Jesus changes our hearts and we become one people walking hand in hand. We can show the world what we can do when God brings us all together.”

Profound things are happening right now that are a message to the whole nation.

The NSW River Convention is being held from the 16-18 April 2021 at the Dubbo Showgrounds. For more information, head to bnm.org.au or connect with Isaac at australianindigeneiousministries.com.au.

Listen below to hear the rest of this inspiring conversation with Neil.

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