How Christians Could Change the Australian Elections Forever

Australian election voting board

The countdown to the Australian Federal Elections on the 18th of May is coming up fast.

While political activist organisations are holding ‘meet the candidate forums’ and connecting with politicians, a different idea has emerged that should capture the imagination of every Christian.

Pastor Peter Pilt, from City Hope Church in Beenleigh, has been holding pre-election prayer meetings for twenty years, and is encouraging pastors from churches all over Australia to host one of these local meetings in their area.

All local politicians are invited to attend these ‘party neutral’ meeting, where they will be invited to take part in prayer, be prayed for and have a 5 minute allocation to speak to those voters in attendance.

In the 20Twenty interview below, Pastor Peter Pilt explains what happens at these meetings and how of all the politicians he has invited over the years, all but one have accepted his invitation to attend.

Find out more about these meetings and how to run one in your local area at Peter’s blog here.  If any pastor would like more information, Peter is more than happy for you to email him at

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