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Visionathon team
Becci, Phil and Robbo with the Vision team after Visionathon in November 2019.

When you listen to Vision, we’ll often talk about Connecting Faith to Life. It’s a special place that has grown in the hearts of listeners, and continues to grow in influence around Australia. Next week is Visionathon week, a time when we celebrate God at work in the lives of everyday people as we share stories and testimonies from across Australia.

Phil Edwards, the CEO of Vision, spoke with Neil Johnson about what Visionathon is all about, and how Vision’s core focus remains sharing God’s truth with every listener, every day.

“I wish I could have been a fly on the wall when our six founders got together, with a vision to see a Christian radio station grow across Australia,” Phil said. “When you look at the history of this ministry, it has been phenomenal to see how Vision has grown. People are looking for something that is real, they’re looking for something with substance…we love God, and we want to tell people that far and wide.”

As Visionathon approaches, Phil encourages listeners to take their decisions to God, “Truth comes packaged in a person. When we get to Visionathon next week, there’ll be a lot of people thinking, ‘will I give again?’ or, ‘will I give for the very first time?’ I would encourage you to go to God, and ask Him how you should respond.”

Contributions to this Visionathon will go towards establishing Vision Radio in 100 regional towns and cities over the next three years. “Regional places are a big part of our DNA…we are lighting a fire under the number of stations we want to get on over the next three years.” Phil emphasised during his conversation with Neil.

With the goal for this Visionathon set at $950,000, Phil emphasised that this is an attainable figure, letting listeners know that, “This is good soil, the testimonies that keep coming in time and time again demonstrate that when you sow a seed in this ministry…when we all come together and play our part, it’s really achievable. It’s about all of us doing what we can with what we have.”

To find out more information about how you can contribute to Visionathon, click here.

Stories of Lives Changed Because of Your Support

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